Lower Form

Early Childhood - Grade 3:  Learning as a Community

At the Academy, the Lower Form consists of Early Childhood through Grade 3.  During these formative years, emphasis is placed on the academic, social and spiritual growth of our students.  Our young scholars explore, discover, build, and create to learn new concepts and skills.  The Lower Form gathers together as a community every Monday to pray, learn social skills, share news and ideas, problem-solve, and celebrate.   

As in all the grade levels, meeting the individual needs of our learners is paramount.  In the classroom, teachers create a differentiated curriculum to meet the various instructional levels of our students, rich in Literacy (reading and writing), Science, Mathematics, Social studies, and Religion.  Literacy development encompasses a significant part of each day for our young learners.  Beginning in second grade, mathematics accelerates by one grade level.  Mathematical understanding, fluency, and problem-solving are emphasized during each lesson.  For our struggling readers and writers, a Reading Interventionist provides small group or individualized instruction.   An emphasis is placed on working together and acknowledging the unique contribution of each student to the class.  

As a Holy Cross school, we believe there is more to learning than the key content areas.  We expose our young learners to music, art, library, and physical education.  Technology is integrated into daily lessons.  Often, you will find our young learners on an iPad composing a narrative, researching a topic, or playing a game to further learning.  An early Spanish immersion program offers students the opportunity to learn a second language through singing, reading, writing, and speaking.  Students are exposed to a variety of cultural experiences through the immersion program.  

By the end of third grade, students are ready to assume more independence for their school day, including their academic commitments as well as their social interactions as they prepare to transition to the Middle Form.  There they will embark on a new journey and take on more responsibility for themselves and their academic growth.




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