Upper Form

Grades 7 & 8:  Preparing for High School

The Holy Cross theme to cultivate the hearts and minds of our students remains steadfast in the Upper Form.   Drawing upon a foundation of our Catholic core values in the Holy Cross tradition, students have a context with which to evaluate information and solutions.  Challenges to what they once assumed or acknowledged as truth or right and wrong become opportunities for engagement and learning, as our students develop into lifelong scholars.

Curriculum, at this level, focuses on critical thinking skills and how to problem solve.  Our students write with a sense of purpose and clarity.  Students learn how to write a research paper with a claim, warrant, and supporting details to best defend an idea, concept, or point of view.  Learning how to use text and research to defend a position or stance is an integrated concept throughout all content areas.  By the end of 8th grade year, students complete a Capstone Project on a global issue that requires extensive research, documentation, and analysis of data and solutions.  Students compose a 3-5 page research paper and i-Movie to present to the student body.  In Mathematics, we expose all students to the foundations in Algebra I, but often accelerate to advanced geometry and Algebra II if students are ready.  

During the enrichment block, Upper Form students select from challenging Fine Arts courses (such as Jazz Band, Mens Ensemble, Drawing and Sketching, and 3-D printing) to Academic Competitions (such as Science Olympiad, Math League, Geography Bee, History Bee), and additional support study halls.

As we shape the future of our students at Saint Edmond's Academy, we are concerned with leading them to understand and to live Christianity with respect to our five core values: responsibility, integrity, independence, self-esteem, and building community; to become informed and active citizens through community service; and to maintain a global perspective as we prepare them with the leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills they'll need in the future.  At the Academy, the faculty designs a curriculum to meet the demanding rigor of high school so our graduates not only transition smoothly, but excel during their high school years.  

High Schools Attended 2012-2019

Salesianum Archmere Academy Saint Andrew's
Episcopal Academy Tower Hill Roman Catholic
Malvern Prep Saint Mark's Saint Elizabeth's
Archbishop Carroll Haverford School Westtown School
Sanford Tatnall Charter School of Wilmington
Cab Calloway LaSalle St. Joseph's Prep
Wilmington Friends Christ School Delaware Military Academy
Brandywine HS Appoquinimink HS St. Thomas More