High School Test Prep

During the first trimester of eighth grade, we provide a preparation class for the High School Placement Test (HSTP). Using the Peterson’s Master the Catholic High School Entrance Exams text, students will receive instruction about the format, scoring, question types, and best strategies to employ when tackling this exam. Since the HSPT is a timed test, it is critical that students learn techniques to increase their speed, while maintaining accuracy in their responses. An initial diagnostic exam enables the students to identify areas of potential improvement. Instruction can then be tailored to address these areas. In additional to the class textbook, students have access to practice questions from supplementary resources. Additional support can be scheduled with the teacher after school. At the conclusion of the trimester, students will complete a second full-length exam to access improvements and increase familiarity and comfort with the testing process. Interview skills and mock interview will conclude the course. The course, taught by Mrs. Tammy Hayes-Hartman [email], has been a great success. 

Test Components
• Verbal Skills- Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, Verbal Logic, and Verbal Classifications
• Quantitative Skills- Number Series, Geometric Comparisons, Nongeometric Comparisons, Number manipulation
• Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
• Mathematics-Concepts and Problem Solving
• Language Skills Punctuation and Capitalization, Usage, Spelling and Composition

Interview Skills    Body Language and Eye ContactPosture, hand shake, tone, affect, and clarity of
responses are covered.

Practice Questions    Students learn to highlight important activities and skills to share
with potential high school and how to phrase answers in the most beneficial manner.

Mock Interview    New skills are put into practice when students practice these skills with a teacher or member of our administrative team




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