Technology plays a critical role in the learning process throughout all grades.  In the Lower Form, there are SMARTBoards in every classroom.  Teachers also utilize iPads and computers in the classroom ‘centers-based’ learning programs. As students move to grades two and three, teachers begin to integrate technology into many of their lessons: writing, peer-editing, conferencing, posting labs from science class, blogging, problem solving in math and creating digital stories.  When our students move to the Middle Form, grades four and five, they are well-versed in the many ways technology enhances education and prepared to work in an environment in which technology is completely integrated into most academic programs. Students use iPads for writing, researching, investigating, creating, problem solving and exploring.  They create podcasts, build WikiSpaces, blog for discussion, and develop video and digital stories to enhance learning. Interactive online textbooks and ebooks add to the learning experience.  Our iPad Program for grades sixth through eighth continues to transform learning using these 21st century skills and applications.

An Independent, Catholic Academy for Boys Grades JK-8 in the Holy Cross Tradition