Admission Testing at Saint Edmond's Academy

An important step in the application process is the Admission Test.

  • Applicants for Early Childhood (JK-4/K) will be evaluated individually on Motor Concepts, Language, Self-help and Social Skills. This assessment takes about 25 minutes.
  • Applicants for grades 1, 2, and 3 will be individually evaluated in Verbal and Non-Verbal areas. This assessment typically takes abiut 45 minutes.
    1. Math assessment
    2. Oral reading fluency assessment
    3. Oral reading comprehension assessment
    4. Short writing prompt 
  • Applicants for 4th to 8th grade will be group tested in the following areas:  Reading (20 minutes), Language Usage (15 minutes) and Math Concepts/Computation (20 minutes). In addition, a short, three-question writing prompt is administered.

Once you have completed the Application Form, please contact Juliana McClellan  (302.475.5370 x271) to schedule your son for testing.

An Independent, Catholic Academy for Boys Grades JK-8 in the Holy Cross Tradition