2021-2022 Tuition Rates

  • Junior Kindergarten -  $10,600 (Full Day)
  • Junior Kindergarten - $6,500 (Half-Day)
  • Kindergarten -  $10,600
  • Grade 1 -  $11,575
  • Grade 2 -  $11,575
  • Grade 3 -  $11,575
  • Grade 4 -  $13,560
  • Grade 5 -  $17,500
  • Grade 6 -  $17,950
  • Grade 7 -  $17,950
  • Grade 8 -  $17,950


Financial Aid Information

In order to fulfill our mission as a school, Saint Edmond's Academy welcomes applicants with financial aid requests.  Parents should ideally complete this online process before contacting Saint Edmond's Academy to discuss specific needs.

We believe in fairness to all families affording a Saint Edmond's education, so the Financial Aid Committee will award assistance to families who demonstrate financial need.  These awards are based on the family's ability to pay and the availability of Saint Edmond's Academy's financial aid funds, which are very competitive.  As a result, not all families who qualify for Financial Assistance will receive a grant, and may be placed into a waiting pool.

Click here to start the financial aid process.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance - New Families

Families complete an online financial aid packet through FAST – Financial Aid for School Tuition – by Independent School Management (ISM) to process your financial aid application. 

Required Documents:
1.  Completed FAST Parent Financial Statement (PFS) online
2.  2018 1040 tax return with all relevant Schedules
3.  2018 W-2s for all relevant parents
4.  2019 W-2s and tax documents 
5.  2019 1040 tax return (if/when available)

**Please note that Saint Edmond's Academy will not collect tax returns - all files must be uploaded into FAST **

How to Apply for Financial Assistance - Current Families

Parent Financial Statement is available here: https://www.ismfast.com/FastPage.php?id=40f1a7457c8133b946c5b25833db4057

The PFS should be submitted to the FAST website as soon as possible

Required Documents:
1.  2018 1040 tax return and W2s 
2.  2019 W2s
3.  2019 1040 tax return (when available)

If you have questions regarding your Financial Award, or would like to discuss a new arrangement, please schedule a meeting with Juliana McClellan.



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