Music Program and Curriculum


  • to teach toward understanding that one may interpret another’s music and express one’s own musical ideas through language and musical notation
  • to facilitate understanding that music is a reflection of the culture and the people and acts as a‘barometer’ of the time period
  • to meet the requirements of the National Standards for Music Education
  • to encourage students to seek performance opportunities within the school community and the community at large
  • to encourage students through positive experiences as performers and listeners to make music a part of their life for a lifetime
  • to encourage students to discover their talents and develop them to the fullest
  • to develop a body of knowledge which will enable the student to make judgments about his own musical efforts as well as those of others
  • to encourage creativity and development and mastery of the skills that better express the creative process
  • to offer experiences that lead to realization of the complexity of the art form and the beauty of fine performance

choir singing

An Independent, Catholic Academy for Boys Grades JK-8 in the Holy Cross Tradition