Athletics Mission 

Saint Edmond’s Academy firmly believes that a complete education includes a balanced development of a student’s body, mind, and spirit and has a long history of excellence in athletics. Each student is encouraged to become involved in the instructional, intramural, and interscholastic athletic programs of the Academy to carry on the tradition of excellence in athletics.


The goals of the Athletic program are to:
  1. Provide an enriching experience
  2. Develop athletic skills and good sportsmanship
  3. Present the fundamentals and create better understanding of each sport
  4. Build confidence and character
  5. Encourage teamwork
  6. Promote the fostering of friendship

Commitment.  Team sports teach commitment to self, commitment to the sport and commitment to fellow athletes and coaches who must work together to accomplish a common goal.  Teams form a connectivity and unity that feels like family.

Respect for Self and Others.  SEA coaches, just like SEA teachers and parents expect athletes to conduct themselves like gentlemen.  The SEA Athletic program instills values, morals and ethics into each athlete so that he learns that at the center of that foundation is respect for self and others.

Work Ethic.  As every athlete wants to be the best he can be and win every championship, SEA Athletics teaches our athletes how hard they need to work to reach their goals.  We believe in preparing our boys with the skills that will carry them to the next level of play.  Their talent naturally will increase but a firm work ethic will take them even farther.

Delaware law requires athletes under age 18 and their parents to review and sign this sheet prior to participation in covered activities sponsored by a club, league or association. Covered activities include football, rugby, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, field or ice hockey, martial or combative sports, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, baseball, softball, and cheerleading. This signed form should be given to the sponsoring organization prior to participation, and, for multi-year activities, on a yearly basis. You can get detailed information about the law at the SCPD Website.



Contact Athletics

Mr. Pete Borror
302-475-5370 x320

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